Pilion - Greece
Professional tasting
Worldwide: competitions, guides, events, companies
Civita di Bagnoregio - Italy
Fresh Pressed Olive Oil
The United States/ worldwide
Valle de Colchagua - Chile
Almendra, Portugal
2011 - today
We support Carm in the creation of the organoleptic profile of its labels by enhancing the sensorial characteristics of their extra virgin olive oils obtained from unique and special local varieties.
Bata Tarim - Safitad extra virgin olive oil
Support in the selection of a new olive mill and in the layout of the mill space.
Az. Agr. Limone & Az. Agr. Giovanna Spinola
Livorno & Lucca, Italy
2004 - today
Olive orchard management, olive oil production, blending, marketing.
TEM Toscana Enologica Mori
Firenze, Italy
Jun 2010 - today
Training after sales in using olive machineries, support for technology development of new olive mills, reseller for Japanese market.
Finca la Gramanosa
Avinyonet del Penedes, Spain.
Mar 2014 - Dec 2019
Consultancy and support in olive mill operations and olive oil production, field management and marketing. Brand developing. Support in expanding markets
Alfa Laval Spa
Firenze, Italy
Sep 2005 - Jan 2012
Technical consultancy after sales for Alfa Laval costumers on olive mill extraction operations, training, support in USA, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Australia, Croatia, Turkey.